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We are as passionate about our service as we are about Saltwater Fish.

Aqua Marines provides its customers with the largest variety and highest quality of saltwater specimens available anywhere!

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*Photos by Scott Michael

“My friend and expert fish finder Dennis Reynolds and his son Erik (Aqua Marines, Hermosa Beach, Ca) deserve special recognition for all the unusual fishes and reliable information they have provided over the years. Thanks Dennis for your enthusiastic support for providing me with more amazing fishes than all the other wholesalers and fish collectors combined!”

-Scott W. Michael

About US

Aqua Marines was started over 35 years ago in 1979 by Dennis Reynolds. Dennis had a Master’s degree in Marine Biology and needed an outlet for his knowledge. The main purpose behind creating this one-of-a-kind business was hand selecting only the highest quality specimens available in the entire Los Angeles area. To this day, each specimen is carefully scrutinized for the tiniest imperfection before passing our rigorous inspection...

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